We want to thank the artists who donated their work to this initiative, and of course everyone who contributed by purchasing prints. We are overwhelmed by your quick and generous response - the power of the global creative community to rally together and support community struggles in a time of need has been truly heartening.

The Earth Issue's Freedom Fundraiser is a print sale created to raise funds for bail contributions and to support organisations fighting for social justice. In response to recent events and the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police, The Earth Issue and its collaborating artists wish to do our part to support the Black Lives Matter movement. The Earth Issue Freedom Fundraiser features work generously donated by more than 300 artists and photographers around the world, and counting.

Our Freedom Fundraiser has now come to a close. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated, contributed, or supported this project in any way - THANK YOU! Together we have raised £213,200.00 since our emergency launch in June, which has helped provide crucial support to over 26 global organisations & individual causes within the Black Lives Matter movement. None of this would have been possible without the support of you, our Earth Issue community. We give thanks to every artist who generously donated their work, everyone who has bought a print, shared our posts or helped spread the word. This experience has been a beautiful confirmation in the power of community, and our ability to rally together in times of need.
Our intention with this print sale was to raise bail funds for the Black Lives Matter movement during the George Floyd protests, and for the 4Front Project in London. As the overwhelming response far exceeded our initial expectations, we expanded to include support for other causes recommended by our readership: Covid19 relief for vulnerable communities, therapy and legal fees for women and children of colour, food security, and urgent support for First Nations communities. Here is a full list of the organisations we have donated to:


Our work is not over, and in the coming days we will be reflecting further on how to ensure meaningful and ongoing allyship within our collective.

  • We pledge to continue using our platform to amplify black voices through art and activism.
  • We pledge to continue our fight against all forms of racism and violence and against people of colour.

  • We pledge to give social justice a central role in our conversation about intersectional eco-activism in the art world, and to keep learning and educating ourselves on how to be better allies.
  • We pledge to create a safe and welcome space to all people of colour.
  • We look forward to sharing many exciting new projects with you in the coming days.
  • To stay updated, keep an eye on our Instagram page, or sign up for our newsletter.

If you or someone you know is interested in collaborating with The Earth Issue, please contact us at elena@theearthissue.com